Customer Stories


In April 2007, DHL, the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry, purchased the 9T Smith Newton for use in its revolutionary consolidation centre, operated by DHL Exel Supply Chain. These centres help to reduce road congestion on multiple short distance routes, by consolidating freight outside of major urban areas and using smaller numbers of vehicles to deliver the goods.
Dave Bassett Head of Engineering at DHL initiated the vehicle purchase as part of DHL’s Corporate Sustainability program, which aims to reduce vehicle emissions within the retail supply chain sector in the UK.

The investment in our first ever electric vehicle will help to promote the use of alternative fuels within DHL and makes a bold step in shaping the future of the industry-leading consolidation centre model. Such vehicles can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of transportation, have a positive impact on our bottom line and support our retailers’ demands for faster replenishment, at the right price, in the right place.

Paul Richardson, Managing Director of the Department Stores & Fashion UK and Europe Division of DHL Exel Supply Chain