Customer Stories


Openreach, the Company which safeguards the UK’s local access network, is using the Smith Edison in its engineering fleet.
Openreach, which is part of the BT Group, operates 24,500 commercial vehicles.
Each vehicle in the fleet produces around four tonnes of CO2 per year – the equivalent of about 600 customer visits. The Smith Edison will be used for trials around the country.

The electric vehicle is just one of a number of feasibility studies we are conducting. We aim to trial a single prototype electric van in a number of areas, both urban and rural, with different drivers.

Simon Tory, Openreach Senior Fleet Innovation and Vehicle Design Manager

The Edison is equipped with Smiths new battery technology, the Lithium-Ion Iron Phosphate battery pack.
This provides cost-effective levels of capability, performance and safety.
The battery packs are small and lightweight, allowing them to be incorporated around the vehicle chassis to improve weight distribution and flexibility of payload.