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Select your location to learn more about incentives for the purchase and ownership of an electric vehicle. Common commercial EV incentives include tax credits, rebates, vouchers, grants and unrestricted access to high occupancy commuter lanes on major roadways.
Tax incentives are complicated and subject to change without notice. While Smith Electric Vehicles does its best to keep this information up-to-date, it cannot guarantee the current accuracy. Contact Smith Electric Vehicles for more information. Smith Electric Vehicles recommends consulting a tax professional to validate incentive availability and eligibility.
If you are looking for incentives for fleets based in the USA please visit our Incentives USA page or Contact Smith Electric Vehicles for more information.
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Electric commercial vehicles are exempt from sales tax, by up to DKK7,500 per vehicle, until 2015.

EVs are exempt from Germany’s annual vehicle registration tax for the first 5 years of ownership. The Federal government has pledged €1 billion for R&D projects, including funds to procure fleets of commercial EVs for demonstrator projects.

The Movele programme offers substantial subsidies towards the purchase of Class N2 commercial vehicles (3,500kg-12,000kg GVW). Grants start at €15,000 per vehicle but increase based on volume purchases.

United Kingdom:
Companies purchasing commercial EVs can write down 100% of the capital cost against tax in the first year of ownership
Electric commercial vehicles are exempt from the annual Road Fund Licence tax and van drivers are also exempt from Van Benefit Charge for the first five years of ownership.
All Smith vehicles are exempt from the London Congestion Charge, apart from a small annual registration fee.

For details on incentive programmes in the USA please go to our Incentives — USA page.