Smith Vehicles


Use of Smith commercial electric vehicles for predictable, fixed route operations eliminates the need for distributed charging infrastructure. Smith vehicles typically drive all day, then return to base for an overnight recharge.

Charging Hardware Minimises Expense.

The Smith-Eaton EVSE in Multiple Configurations

The Smith-Eaton EVSE in Multiple Configurations

Smith vehicles come equipped with a fully integrated on-board charging system that optimises charging efficiency and monitors re-charge state to maximize battery performance and longevity. The Smith on-board charger is a fully automatic, 208-240 volt, single or three phase, line to line, 60 Amp, 12/18kw charger, utilising a standard J-1772 connection in the US and a standard 32A single or three phase socket in Europe and Asia. Typically, recharging the Newton and Edison takes 6-8 hours using the standard charger, and 3-4 hours using the fast charge system available for the Edison models.

Compatible with External Charging Hardware. If an external charging system is in place or preferred, Smith’s vehicles are also able to operate with a wide variety of available charging units.

Infrastructure Installation Support Makes Integration Seamless. Smith’s Full Circle support provides a consultation specific to your needs to ensure fast, simple integration of Smith vehicles into your fleet. This assessment includes building infrastructure, required permitting, electrical infrastructure capabilities, options for utility rate negotiation and optimisation.