Smith Vehicles

Service and Warranty

Smith Warranty
Smith provides powerful warranty protection backed by exceptional customer service for peace of mind that any questions will be answered fully and promptly.
Every new Smith vehicle comes with three-year limited warranty on the cab and chassis for defects in material and/or workmanship, which will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period. And Smith vehicle batteries come with a five-year limited warranty as standard, with full replacement in the first three years, and prorated replacement in years four and five.
For a detailed explanation of Smith warranty coverage, please contact us.

Smith Service

Smith provides quick response and proactive product support.
In the UK, we have more than 100 highly trained mobile service engineers ready to respond to customer calls.
In the US and other countries Smith has the ability to work with preferred partners to provide an in-country network to deliver exceptional timely support using a two-tiered approach.

    Smith Service Tier One includes training of customer personnel for routine maintenance support including cab & chassis lighting, brake pads or actuators, suspension repairs, rear differential repair and the low voltage side of the Smith drive system.  The Tier One program is ideal for customers who desire to perform their own service or have their external service provider address Tier One needs.
    Smith Service Tier Two addresses the High Voltage (HV) aspects of the Smith Drive and charging system and diagnostics of the various computer drive or HV battery systems.

Smith Service focuses on outstanding response time and resolution of issues. Using the detailed information gained in real-time remote access using Smith Link, our technicians can quickly assess and respond to most issues.
Contact us for a complete breakdown of Smith’s warranty.