Smith Vehicles


For more than 80 years, Smith Electric Vehicles has been a leader in the design, manufacture and servicing of commercial electric vehicles. Around the world, thousands of Smith vehicles are on the road quietly advancing clients goods, and the unlimited promise of electric vehicles.
You’ll find that Smith proprietary technologies ‘proven and working today’ make our electric trucks the most reliable, high-performing, and cost effective commercial vehicles available.
Smith Power

Reliable performance. Smith’s proprietary battery system has the unique capability of managing power using an integration scheme that allows the use of batteries of varying sizes from different manufacturers. This ensures that the latest, state of the art lithium ion battery cell technology is used at the lowest possible cost to Smith customers. Smith’s current preferred partners are Valence and A123.
Flexible configurations. Smith configures battery size per vehicle model and route requirements to maximise the vehicle return on investment.
Smith Drive

Smith Design for Performance. Smith Drive is our proprietary vehicle drive and control system, which features a configurable drive controller with integrated inverters for the management of auxiliary systems.
Highly Efficient. Smith Drive utilises a brushless permanent magnet motor, which increases motor efficiency, minimises size and weight, and incorporates an integrated control protocol with Smith Power that supports a common diagnostic interface.
Smith Link

Smart vehicles. Smith Link is an onboard system that monitors and transmits the vehicle’s vital statistics by general packet radio service (GPRS) to a central server, allowing remote vehicle monitoring, diagnostics and reporting. You can find out more about SmithLink in the website.